Man Girdles & Steel Balls | TWW Live

Ask TWW - August 6, 2021

0:39 – Welcome to TWW Live!
1:42 – We are likely moving to an Every Other Week format
2:13 – Marc received a Seinfeld Lego gift!
2:55 – Nicole received more challenge coins!
4:50 – Marc finally believes in engagement
5:29 – New video! Tricking out a cheap desk!
6:29 – New Giveaway on TheWoodWhisperer.Com – Powermatic 100th anniversary “C” Table
7:35 – What’s the next project that Marc is working on?
8:40 – What are your expectations now that the show is going to an every other week format?
9:54 – The material on a new jointer\jointer knives – Should I clean that off before using it?
11:11 – Secret Code for Giveaway!
11:24 – Can you put a graphic in your video to ask for subscribers?
11:58 – Any tips on squaring and making parallel cuts with a track saw?
13:40 – Any updates on mentoring in Discord?
14:15 – Any plans to do a guild build on a wooden door or shutters\blinds?
17:10 – Can I go across the grain with a router sled or can I go with the grain?
18:08 – When doing small squares with veneer, is there anything to watch out for?
20:05 – Can you lay new veneer on old veneer?
20:39 – Any suggestions for a high gloss black tabletop finish?
21:57 – What type of finish would you use on a red oak handrail that will see a lot of use?
24:07 – When will the new stickers be available in the TWW Store?
25:20 – Do you have tips for someone who is trying to jump into their first project?
27:17 – What is the best method you have found for retaining glass in a cabinet door?
29:00 – Ben Price bought a project for a woodworker starting his first project
31:20 – Do you ever cut bevels with your Incra 5000? Why did you setup your sled to the left of the blade?
33:25 – Do you have a video to show how to do a drawbore with dowels?

168 – Drawbored Mortise & Tenon

34:17 – Are there disadvantages to cutting a rabbit on the right side of a panel and moving the fence to the left side of the blade?
36:40 – I saw you do a table saw sled review on Instagram, do you have a suggestion between the Incra 5000 and the Rockler Sled?
41:27 – Any advice on buying power tools outside of Australia since they seem to have a shortage?
42:26 – Everything in Australia is trying to kill you!
42:41 – Would you air dry or kiln-dry walnut logs?
43:50 – Is there a way to help overcome the anxiety of buying/using wood/materials for the first time?
46:32 – Any thoughts\news on the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer project?
48:31 – How do you design projects so that they are structurally sound?


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