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Ask TWW - August 20, 2021

00:00:40 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:01:10 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:12 – Guild project sale! 40% off single project. Code: BOWTIE
00:03:15 – Powermatic 100 year anniversary table giveaway


00:04:13 – Guild scholarship announcement
00:04:50 – Mail time!
00:06:03 – Can I stabilize a walnut board that I am cutting into veneer?
00:06:52 – Have you thought about making a bow after making the trebuchet?
00:07:33 – New video released today!
00:08:27 – What are the most reasonable sized planer and jointer?
00:11:40 – Are there special finishes you use for veneer?
00:13:02 – What are some of your thoughts during the design process?
00:16:10 – Can you use melamine for a torsion box?
00:16:45 – Any thoughts on the Lamello Zeta P2?
00:20:58 – Are you still selling the headphone controller racks?
00:21:18 – How can I clean my table saw blade?
00:22:09 – How much should I sand after the first coat of finish?
00:23:20 – Does an epoxy floor in your shop make things easier?
00:25:17 – When should you reinforce the back of a panel?
00:29:15 – Would you ever consider a door for a guild project?
00:30:37 – Is there a significant difference between baltic birch ply and furniture grade birch?
00:32:40 – What resources would you recommend for learning about different styles of furniture?
00:36:05 – Do you ever use combination finishes?
00:36:58 – What are your thoughts on planer/jointer combos?
00:38:55 – What led you to choose the T1-11 boards on the wall?
00:40:03 – Do you have to be concerned about cherry blotching with hard was oils?
00:41:51 – Have you ever used Minwax polyshades?
00:42:53 – How did it feel diving into woodworking while still doing a different job?
00:45:00 – Do your glasses get scratched?
00:45:55 – Would you recommend a spiral upcut bit when routing a mortise?
00:47:23 – Have you ever had to re-flatten your bench since originally building it?
00:49:00 – Handcut or router cut dovetails?
00:49:18 – What’s a good alternative for baltic birch for shop furniture?


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