Birthday Boy

Ask TWW - April 15, 2021

00:00:25 – Welcome back to the Wood Whisperer Live Show
00:02:30 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:03:40 – Is there a rule of thumb for how long of boards your jointer can handle?
00:06:45 – Are there other ways to glue up the legs for the outdoor sitting bench?
00:08:20 – Thanks for the mask! Use code MARC25 for 25% your order at
00:09:02 – What wood would you recommend for the Adirondack chairs between oak and sapele?
00:09:48 – What do you think of jointer planer combos?
00:11:00 – Have you ever used breather mesh while veneering?
00:12:17 – How did you do the zero clearance fence for the quilt ladder video?
00:14:36 – What do you think of Izzy’s new parallel clamp panel clamp?
00:15:48 – How can I stop my face vice from racking?
00:17:50 – What finish would you recommend for bathroom fixtures?
00:20:05 – Is a planer or a jointer more important?
00:21:50 – Are you happy with your Veritas jack plane or do you miss your Lie Nielsen?
00:23:25 – Any recommendations for storing blades or splindle sleeves?
00:25:25 – What’s your favorite Adirondack chair finish?
00:25:55 – What do you use to protect your cast iron from rust?
00:26:36 – How did you secure the cork to the taper maker?
00:27:45 – How do you recommend getting better at woodworking?
00:30:20 – How do you prevent termites from entering your shop?
00:32:55 – Would you get a Rec Tec or a Traeger. Check out Marc’s BBQ Channel


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