Weekend Wall Shelf Complete

Article - November 2, 2010

I had a bit of spare time this weekend while waiting for the advent calendar hinge parts to come in, so I decided to make good on a promise to Nicole. For the longest time, she has been bugging err…..uhhh…. asking me to build her a shelf. Last week, she finally took the gloves off and went for the throat. The conversation went something like this:

Nicole: Are you going to build that shelf for me?
Marc: Yes.
Nicole: When?
Marc: Soon.
Nicole: I’m going to the store to buy a shelf. See ya.
Marc: NOOO!!! For the love of all things wooden! You wouldn’t!
Nicole: I would…
Marc: You won’t!
Nicole: I will…
Marc: Fine….I’ll do it!

So it was do or die time. I decided to keep the shelf fairly simple, constantly resisting the urge to over-complicate things. At some point I think I had to literally sit down and remind myself that this needs to be a 2-day project and no more. K.I.S.S, right? Keep It Simple Stupid! So this is what I came up with. Three shelves that widen from the top down. Each shelf has a bevel on the underside and the entire back support is beveled and tapered toward the top. The taper in the back compliments the progressively shorter shelf lengths. Since the shelf is going to live right next to the trestle table, I used the same Honduran Mahogany stock. And before you even ask, the entire project was filmed and will be released on the free site.