To Build or Buy Furniture?

Article - March 12, 2013

Build or BuyThis is a question I ponder frequently. How do you know when you should take a project on yourself, or when you should raise the white flag and just purchase the item from a store? This goes for house furniture as well as shop furniture and jigs. Judging from the many emails I receive asking this exact question, I know I’m not alone.

In November 2009, I wrote an article for Popular Woodworking Magazine that talks about this exact topic. Taking some influence from Nicole’s Glamour magazine, I constructed a quiz specifically for woodworkers. Answer the questions honestly, and you should end up with a reasonably objective result that tells you whether you should build or buy.

You can download the full article here. And if you want to take the test, download the Build or Buy Worksheet.

For those who might be wondering, this is an older article from the archive, but I now have permission to distribute the article and the worksheet directly. I felt it was worth re-posting.