Spagnuolo vs. Marks Epic Battle

Article - December 6, 2006

This week’s question is from Kevin, and boy is it a good one! He writes:

If you and David Marks were forced to be in a fight to the death, like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in Star Trek, and could only use wood working tools as weapons, what would be your weapon, who would win, and why?

And here was my reply:

Ahh…. a wonderful question! And one in which I have thought about many times. If I know David, he would select a weapon with long range. Perhaps a 6′ pipe clamp or even throwing chisels. Me, I prefer close range melee combat. I believe my weapon of choice would be my reciprocating saw outfitted with a 12″ demolition blade. I would have to be careful at first, but once I am in close, I believe I will have the advantage. David may be wiser, but he is also older, and slower. I may be an inexperienced young pup, but I am fast and wily.

Quite the match up indeed!

Take care Kevin. Be safe. And always be on guard. You just never know when a woodworking battle royal will ensue. And by the way, David would most likely wipe the floor with me in real life. I am a lover, not a fighter. :)


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