Mother Nature Can Be a @%$#!

Article - August 21, 2010

If you guys ever wondered just how powerful Mother Nature can be, check out Russel’s table:

Here’s a table that didn’t like the weather. It was a quick build to fill a pressing need. My daughter and her husband had moved to Phoenix and did not have a dining table of any sort. On our first trip to visit them, I went to Home Depot, bought a Ryobi $100 table saw, router and drill. Then a laminated sheet of pine, a few two by fours and some four by fours.

It took a few hours to build, then stain and brush on poly. A couple days later it was in their kitchen and was ready for use. For about a year it served it purpose. When they moved to a different house, they had acquired a dining room set and the table was put out on the patio where it looked quite nice by the way.

However, the sun and the heat of Arizona summers took their toll. A year and a half later, the table was unrecognizable and had surrendered it’s stability to the forces of nature. First the finish yellowed and cracked and finally the wood just had to move. And move it did. The top was warped and twisted beyond reason and the poor table died a horrible disfiguring death. It now stands as a testament to the slow but sure supremacy of nature.


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