Matt’s Early Christmas Goose

Article - October 27, 2011

matts_buttSome may think that the Hand Tool Olympics was where all the action was at this year’s Woodworking in America. But I have visual evidence that the real party was with my buddies Matt Vanderlist and Steven Taylor! So obviously you need the back story on this one. I jokingly made a comment on Twitter during Woodworking in America that someone should grab Matt’s butt for me (since I couldn’t attend). Steven (@Torch02) replied that he wouldn’t do it for anything less than a 6 month Guild membership extension. I told him if he gets me a picture, I’d give him the time. And what did I see arrive in my Twitter feed yesterday but this wonderful picture that I am now sharing with you. And yes, Steven did receive 6 months of extra Guild time. I’m a man of my word. Still unclear one how Matt feels about all this.