Jointer Close Call

Article - May 7, 2009

Although David got a nice bite from his jointer, I call it a “close call” because I can only imagine how much worse his injury could have been. Let’s hear David tell the tale:

finger-mangle-jointer-001Well Marc I had an accident on my jointer on 04/25/09. I was milling maple for your cutting board design when the accident (carelessness) happened. I had just run the piece through on its face and pushed the piece through no problem. Well i didn’t push the piece all the way past the blade guard which left it propped open about two and a half inches (see pic) exposing the spinning blades. I reached for the end of the board closest to the blades and that’s when it happened.

finger-mangle-jointerMy ring finger on my right hand came into the blades path. I heard a little hum and my hand immediately jerked back. I was scared to look down to see what happened to my hand. Marc I was lucky, I was bleeding moderately but my finger was all there. I hand cut a 1/16th inch deep flap about the size of your pinky nail (see pic). There is no room in woodworking for carelessness or lack of safety around machines. It could of been much much worse but safety will come first in my shop from now on.

Please let this serve on your site as a testament to safety especially for upcoming safety week.


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