Hands-Free Woodworking? – Mafell PSS3100e

Article - April 6, 2011

pss3000I was perusing my Twitter feed and came across a link submitted by @CouchControl. It was a video for the Mafell PSS3100e. My first reaction was, “OK, its a tracksaw with the saw permanently attached to the track?!” But after watching the video further, I started to giggle a little bit. Not because the product is bad, but because its that cool! Its a good thing I didn’t find this on April 1st as I might not have believe it.

The saw does everything we already know and expect from a tracksaw, but has a few major additions:

  • Self-Propelled – You basically set it up, push a button, and off it goes! Push another button and it comes back to you.
  • Scoring Feature – Just by turning a knob, you trigger a leading scoring cut that ensures a super clean edge.
  • Dust Collection – The hose connects to the rail, and the dust is pulled through a long channel, instead of dealing with the hose getting caught up on the rail or the workpiece.
  • Alignment Pin – The rail has a nifty alignment pin that allows you to line up the rail for cuts that exceed the maximum length.

So how much does luxury woodworking like this cost? The 110v version of this tool retails in the US for $2973 and the 220v version retails for $2704. And you thought Festool was expensive?

While the tool is a little “rich” for my blood, I still enjoy watching cool tools in action. So check out the video below and let me know what you think. Would you buy one? What if cost wan’t an issue? Is this too much automation? Is it genius or just a gimmick?



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