Get Woodworking – What’s Your Excuse?

Article - February 3, 2013


If you haven’t heard the buzz already, this week is Get Woodworking Week, an effort by my good buddy Tom Iovino of to help push new woodworkers out of research mode and into woodworking mode. Blogs and podcasts from around the web are participating by publishing content that aids in the effort.

As I gave it some thought, I discovered that this is a rather difficult thing to do. There are probably hundreds of reasons people who like the idea of woodworking might not be able to pull the trigger. And while I can certainly try to write an inspirational article, it will only be a shot in the dark in terms of actually helping to solve your problem. Not enough tools, not enough time, not enough wood, not enough space? I suppose these will be the most common reasons but I am very interested to know what keeps you from making sawdust. Perhaps, we can discuss it here and find solutions?

So if you do have a reason why you can’t “get woodworking,” post it here and hopefully the community (and I) will be able to chime in and give you some practical advice. Additionally, this will give me a better idea of what to cover in future videos for 2013.

So what’s keeping you from woodworking?


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