From Garage to Shop

Article - July 31, 2009

Do you call your work space a shop? I sure do! But at what point does the space go from being a garage or basement, to a “shop”? When I first started woodworking, it was a relatively slow transition. As I fought the “good fight” with cars, workout equipment and yard tools, I filled the space with some basic tools and started making projects. But for some reason I didn’t feel like I was entitled to use the term “shop” yet. Not sure why. I think I just felt too new to the craft. Well eventually, without me prompting, my family began referring to our garage as “the shop” and it didn’t take long before the word garage was all but out of my vocabulary! Here are a few pics of my old shop right before we left California for a life in the desert!

oldshop1 oldshop2 oldshop3

mineFast forward about 5 years and here I am, back in a garage and shopless once again. I have been trying to organize my new garage over the last few weeks and my little workspace is finally starting to come together. But it wasn’t until this week that I found myself calling it a shop. What happened this week? I made a project. Nothing fancy. Just a Popular Woodworking “I Can Do That” Magazine Rack for a Guild video. But the fact that sawdust had been made, finish had been spilled, and a new piece of woodworking was born, meant that my new garage had been elevated to the next level: a shop. The transition was much faster this time around.

And as you can see from these pics, it doesn’t take much for the new shop to get messy.

newshop1 newshop2

I am curious how many of you refer to your work space as a shop and when did the transition take place?


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