Frequent Woodworking Mistakes

Article - May 19, 2009

dohThink you are the only one who makes mistakes? Think again! Yesterday, I asked folks on Twitter, Facebook and in The Wood Whisperer Community what mistakes they make most often. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • “Purchasing an overwhelming tool… most recently Leigh Dovetail Jig…. uggg”KN_SSA-r
  • “measure once, cut twice.”Yucatandan
  • “Measuring twice doesn’t help if you only think once…”Torch02
  • “doing ‘just one more thing’ when tired. Always leads to disaster. Go upstairs and sleep, bozo…” jmk89
  • “underestimating the time needed to complete and overestimating my ability to get the job done”FredCannon
  • “mis-measuring in some subtle way (e.g. missing kerf or reading wrong side of line)”Cyface
  • “buying new tools before learning what my current tools are capable of accomplishing (and, thus, spending money I don’t have).”CogWheelBrain
  • “I jump in to bigger projects than I can do and get discouraged too quickly.”michaelbclark
  • “Woodworking mistakes? Let’s just say I can’t count the mistakes on my fingers.”Aquapasture
  • “Drips and runs in the finish” Dbingham
  • “Letting my mind go 100MPH … hands can’t keep up thou…lol…I NEED TO SLOW DOWN :)”Lubos Kuzma
  • “Not spending enough money for tools. The single worst thing I’ve done (repeatedly, unfortunately), is thinking that a cheap tool will work just as well as the good tool.” Carlos Alvarez
  • “chipout on the corner of a board from hand planing or routing…”Matt Berger
  • “Not buying enough raw material… always have to go back to get more. Should know by now LOL”Andreas Schwall
  • “Trying to do everything with power tools when they should be done with hand tools”Matt Rakowski
  • “Trying to keep all the good wood for yourself when you are building a project for a customer.” Thomas Elliot Glynn
  • “Having 5 projects going at once in my 1 project workshop…(and occasionally finishing one).”Gary Aurora
  • “Either under-buying wood and then struggling to match grain and color later or over-buying and ending up with too much but not quite enough for another project.”Allen in Ohio

And this has to be my personal favorite:
“jeez, all of the above… I suck… B-/” Bob Daniel

See! You’re not the only one who makes mistakes. :)


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