Demolition to Concrete

Article - July 14, 2012

We are just finishing up Week 2 of the Dream Shop build and there sure has been a lot of progress. The first couple of days were spent demolishing the old fire pit and sidewalk. Those of you who were watching the live cam saw that there were only two guys assigned to this task. Frankly, I thought the pace was a little slow. But that was really just the calm before the storm. By the third day, there was a full crew here to remove the rubble and prep the site for the concrete slab. Below you can see the area before the work, and after the initial demolition. And yes, that is a picture of my dog getting ready to pee.

Fast-forward to the present and we have the concrete poured for both the shop and the attached patio. The shop patio takes a 90 degree turn near the house and eventually connects to our exiting patio. Part of our HOA requirement is that the shop look exactly like our house and we thought the patio was a nice touch, especially given the fact that the overhang would provide lots of relief from the sun.

You can see some of the details below including the plumbing, electrical, and floor outlets. I was surprised to see that the slab gets poured even before any trenching is done for utilities. But I suppose once everything is in place, you can simply make the connection outside the slab and you’re good to go. You’ll also see a shot of the floor outlets. I am having them install two clusters of two 220v outlets as well as one cluster of 110. The 220v is for the big power tools in the back and the 110 is for my Festool MFT setup toward the front. It’s a bit of a gamble trying to predict where I am going to need those outlets, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity. I used my SketchUp drawing for reference so I can’t be THAT far off!

Lucky for us, the Arizona weather turned to rain this week so I’m saving a few bucks on my water bill, as I try to slow down the cure time of the slab. So far, so good.

And if you’re interested, you can jump into a discussion we’re having in the forum about shop flooring options.


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