CNC-Cut Saw Horses

Article - June 12, 2012

Constructed from high grade old growth MDF, these elegant pieces of fine woodworking would look great with any shop decor! har har! Last week, my buddy Ron Jones stopped by to drop off some project templates. He cuts the various templates we sell in our store using his Shop Bot CNC machine. He does a lot of other CNC work as well and frequently finds a good use for his various off-cuts. So this time he brought me a pair of his latest creation: MDF Sawhorses! Each piece has notches cut in it to accept the adjoining piece. The fit is so snug that you need a dead blow to seat all of the joints. They pack flat and go together in seconds.

I mentioned to Ron that I probably wouldn’t use them for anything with significant weight. He was quick to show me just how sturdy they are! And while I don’t recommend trying this at home, I do recommend pulling out a camera when your friends do something foolish as long as it isn’t life-threatening. Thankfully Ron and I both survived the ordeal.

So what will I use these for? Finishing. Every time I finish a project via HVLP, I find myself scavenging cardboard boxes from the trash or spanning a few 2×4’s across two garbage cans. These sawhorses are perfect for supporting work for finishing. If I cut a couple of long strips and notch those as well, I’ll have a nice long finishing rack. Perhaps the best part is that I won’t get upset when the horses receive frequent baths from various stains and finishes. I can also take them apart and pack them flat when not in use so they won’t take up much space. Not a bad use for some sheetgood scrap!

For those who requested it, here is the dxf file: Download Now!


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