Bench Cookies?? Yes, Please!

Article - July 27, 2009

cookiesIts not often that I get to recommend something that’s useful, effective AND cheap! So I wanted to make sure you all knew about Rockler’s Bench Cookies. If you followed the AWFS news recently you probably heard enough about these little puck-shaped doo-dads. For those who haven’t, they are little “puck-shaped doo-dads” with a bit of soft gripping rubber on each side. The idea is to not only elevate your work off the bench for sanding and routing tasks (with no clamps), but to also stop the workpiece from sliding. Now we’ve had router mats for a long time now and I used to buy a similar material in big rolls at Costco. But I found that the rubbery material always left its pattern behind in the wood and it would take forever to sand it out again. But so far, I am not having that problem with the material on these little guys. And to answer your first question before you even ask it, dust doesn’t ruin their gripping power. Just knock the excess dust off and you’re good to go! I’ll be anxious to see how they hold up over the course of time. FYI, the links below are our Rockler affiliate links.

Rockler Bench Cookies: Lifts, Grips and Protects! Rockler Bench Cookies: Lifts, Grips and Protects!

With high-friction rubber surfaces and a durable core, Bench Cookies are the most
exciting, versatile accessory to hit wood shops in years. They keep projects from
slipping while routing, sanding,..

Rockler Bench Cookies: Lifts, Grips and Protects!