A Woodworker’s Surprise at Disneyland

Article - March 28, 2016

Nicole and I recently decided to take our son to Disneyland. It’s only a 6 hr drive from Phoenix and since we’re both big kids at heart, it was the perfect choice for a 3-day getaway. We booked our stay at the Disney Grand Californian primary due to it’s proximity and access to the park. Based on the price, I fully expected it to serve our needs in terms of the vacation itself. What I didn’t expect was to be treated with an additional feast for the woodworker’s eyes at nearly every turn! Please forgive the photography that follows as these pics were taken with my phone and the lighting was less than ideal.

entryway-g&gThe first surprise occurred as I walked through the front door and passed through the entryway. I was greeted with an undeniably Greene & Greene piece. I couldn’t help but wonder how many happy families pass by this table every day and never give it a second thought. I’d guess most of them. But not me! I gave the piece a good inspection while other guests gave me funny looks.

Once in the lobby proper, the view was almost overwhelming. A large central gathering area features ample seating, impressive timber architecture, and numerous pieces that reflect G&G, Mission, Arts & Crafts, and possibly even Wright-influence.

From there it became something of a personal little game as I tried to spot the less obvious details and hidden gems. It seemed the more I walked around the more details I  discovered. I tried to capture some of my favorites in hopes of sharing them with you for a little inspiration. I hope you enjoy the rest of the pics. The vacation was awesome and the hotel stay was terrific. If you are ever in need of a great place to stay during a Disneyland trip, don’t hesitate to book this place. It’s impressive to say the least!


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