A Good Design for Clamp Racks?

Article - August 31, 2009

This Viewer Question comes from Peter who writes:

I’m having a hard time finding a good design for mounting my clamps on the wall. I am interested in your design for your clamp racks. Maybe you could post an upclose pic?

And my reply:

My clamp racks are about as simple as they come. For my Jet parallel clamps, I use a 2×4 and a strip of 3/4″ ply. The ply has numerous cutouts on it that allow the clamps to slip in. I used the bandsaw to make those cuts. When its done, it looks like a giant comb. I then attach it to the side of the 2×4 and and drive a couple of screws through the 2×4 into the wall studs. The pictures should make this much clearer.

clamprack3 clamprack2 clamprack1
Now for all my other clamps, I use a simple rack made from various piece of cheap construction lumber. No need for anything fancy here.

clamprack4 clamprack5
On a related note, I covered the topic of clamps way back in Episode 12 – The Big Squeeze. And at around the 10 minute mark, you’ll see a video shot of the clamp rack in the old shop.

***If anyone else has images of their clamp rack online, feel free to post your link in the comments.


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