A Course on Tablesaw Safety and Setup

Article - January 4, 2009

revelationsHendrik Varju recently released his epic DVD, Revelations on Tablesaw Set-up & Safety. This is not your everyday average DVD. At 9 hrs and 55 min. running time, this is really like a private weekend class. Hendrik is thorough and methodical in his approach, and leaves no stone unturned. This is one of those DVD’s that I like to think of as a reference DVD. Its one that you’ll be pulling off the shelf for years to come just so you can get the low down on some detail that Hendrik covered.

Here’s what the DVD features:

  • Step-by-step table saw set-up techniques.
  • Crosscutting and ripping techniques.
  • Narrow, wide and short stock ripping techniques.
  • Dados, rabbets, bevelled rip cuts and other special cases.
  • Bonus footage on building a crosscut sled.

So who do I recommend this DVD for? Primarily beginners. I say that with a little hesitation because there are a ton of valuable gems that even experienced woodworkers will benefit from learning. I wish this DVD were available when I first started woodworking as it would have saved me a lot of grief!

You can learn more about Hendrik and purchase his instructional DVDs at PassionForWood.com.


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