6 Days to Aurora – Day 5

Article - March 13, 2009

Today was a day of tying up loose ends, which means the black dust was flying! I started by popping in a bunch of the ebony pegs. Then I used this very handy jig for pillowing the ebony inlay on the breadboard ends. The big ebony inlay, if glued all the way across could negate the movement allowed by the breadboard ends. So its important to only glue the right side of the inlay, so the left side can float with the breadboard.

Below you can see the handle for the drawer. Pretty simple really: just two mahogany blocks with a dowel running through them. You can also see the final glueup of the drawer. If you look closely at the drawer front, you’ll see how the downward curve continues through the drawer sides as well. A simple beveled rip at the table saw creates this nifty detail. Before I left for the evening, I put the top on the base and got a good glimpse of what this table is going to look like. I’m a happy woodworker!